Great Training Offer from Julie Ann Jones

I've already enrolled in this & wanted to pass it along in case anyone else was interested. $24.95 for a year long membership was just perfect for my budget! And the fact that it comes from Julie Ann Jones (Outward Image) made me jump at the offer. Here's the details:

If you're one of those dedicated, intentional direct sales professionals who never passes up an opportunity to improve your business, keep reading!

I have a program that WILL change your business in 2009!

Now, before you delete this e-mail, hear me out for a minute.

I'm sure many of you have joined "membership programs" in the past and been disappointed in either the content or your lack of involvement just because of the sheer volume of information you have to "sort" through each week for your business. You start with the best intention and each month, when you see the membership fee show up on your credit card, you feel guilty because you're not utilizing all the tools you're paying for.

That's why I've decided to do something unique and much more simple instead. Let me explain why.
(If you're impatient to read about the benefits of the program, you can "skip ahead" by scrolling down)

As a business person who works from home, you have a lot to do and time is a constant concern. My goal is always to offer you the greatest value in education while still supporting the balance in your life.

Last year, we launched an incredibly popular and successful program called "Ask the Expert". These monthly calls are offered f*ree of charge and only take an hour of your time once a month with experts and topics specifically relevant to our direct sales profession. Over the course of 2008, over 6,000 people took part in this program.

In April, I decided to offer a membership program just for the "Ask the Expert" calls and include automatic monthly enrollment in each call (decreasing the "hassle" factor for the members) as well as a downloadable recording of the calls sent automatically each month.

I loved Julie's call a few weeks back ("Ask Julie Anne Jones About Recruiting") and wanted to let you know that since the call, I have already recruited 2 new team members and have a bunch more leads that I am working with. Thanks to Julie's training, I realized I had lost my PASSION, the single most important skill that one needs to possess to be a remarkable recruiter! I have even added into my demo the words, " I am passionate".

Shelley Kiekhaefer
The Pampered Chef

Over 150 people took advantage of this program in 2008 and most of them have already re-enrolled for 2009! And they did that even before they knew I had decided to enhance this popular program and essentially make it our only membership program. That means I'm adding an incredible amount of value to the package.

Here's what that means for them (and for you if you decide to enroll); for a one-time fee (which covers the entire year) of only $24.95 (you read that right - that's for the year, NOT monthly!), you'll receive not only all of the "Ask The Expert" calls and replays, but also monthly bonus calls and tools available only to our "Ask the Expert" package members. The value for the individual components of this program is more than $500.00 (and counting since it will increase throughout the year as we add to the bonuses).

Just so you know, on January 1st, 2009, the yearly rate will increase to $39.95 for this valuable program.

Because of the value of this program, we're only offering 250 memberships at this special rate of $24.95. Once those are gone, this special offer of $24.95 will be closed. We've already filled over 100 of those spots with previous members and at the reduced price, the others are sure to sell out soon. Be sure you grab your membership before it's too late!

Click here to enroll now at our 2008 rate or $24.95!

Here's a sneak peak at what we're offering so far (we'll be adding to this list as the year goes on and the program develops)

* Automatic enrollment in every Expert call (we'll send you an e-mail with call in information and times and dates automatically)
* A downloadable recording of each call after the fact to burn to cd or play on your MP3 player (these recordings retail for $15.00 each)
* Several "bonus" calls throughout the year open only to our package members (including several open "Q&A" calls with me where we can talk about anything you want). You'll receive the downloadable files for these as well.
* A coupon good for 25% off any one of our audio learning programs
* Many more "goodies" throughout the year
* A 100% MONEY BACK guarantee. If at any point during the year you decide that this program isn't the value I promised it would be, I'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked!

The gifts begin as soon as you enroll. I'm giving you two downloadable recordings I did this past year ("Booking Tools" and "Recruiting Tools") just for signing up.

I was on the "Ask The Expert" call today! Where HAVE you been all my direct sales life? What a difference! I've never really "gotten" the way they teach you to book, coach, etc., and your way with words makes PERFECT SENSE to me! I can see myself easily saying things the way you do.


Lorian Rivers
Dove Chocolate At Home

Our "Ask The Expert" calls for 2009 promise to be awesome. We've already booked some brand new experts (and a few favorites as well) and we're committed to bringing you training that you can use immediately to increase the results in your business and your life each and every month.

Best of all, you can renew at our 2008 rate of only $24.95 for the entire 2009 year of calls. Remember, the price for this package will increase to $39.95 on January 1st, 2009.

Becoming a member is easy! Simply click here to enroll in this valuable service for the entire 2009 season for only $24.95!


Please feel free to contact Business Manager Nancy Golya at nancy@outwardimage.com or 410-838-7305 if you have questions.


End of Year Reminders

Just a reminder for those who have been around awhile & some good info for those who are finishing their first year with their direct sales business. Here are some important things to do at the end of the year:

1. For tax purposes*, write down the ending mileage for your vehicle & add up the total numbers driven for business this year.
2. For tax purposes*, add up the total cost (what it cost you to buy it) of any items left in your "inventory".
3. For tax purposes*, gather together all your receipts from items you sold & items you purchased for your business this year.
4. If you have money left in your business account, this is a good time to give yourself a Christmas bonus or purchase items that you've been saving up for. I always start the new year with an account balance of $0 (or close to it) so that I get to start the new year fresh!*
5. Book your January parties . . . take advantage of the great deal of free shipping for parties held in the first 2 weeks of January! Customers & hosts are sure to LOVE it!
6. Look at your 2008 goals & determine where you fell short & what you accomplished. Celebrate your successes & come up with new strategies to help you achieve what you weren't able to.
7. Set new goals for 2009!

*Note: I am not an accountant & am not offering tax advice, just offering advice on things I do with my business. Contact a tax professional for advice on what you need to do for your specific business.