Summer Ideas for your Team

A traveling theme can be a fun thing to do for your team in the summer months.

A couple of years ago, we did a contest of sorts. I put together a list of the states, alphabetically from A to Z and then challenged my team to make a sale to someone in every state in the country. When they sold to someone in a new state, I'd add their name next to the state name. Each person could get one drawing ticket for each state they sold in & then we did a drawing at the end.

This year, we're doing a Summer Road Trip theme for our team meetings. Since my team members travel up to an hour & a half to get to our regular meeting location, I thought we'd spread out a little & have each meeting in a different location, hopefully getting to places that are closer to where some of the team members live. They will be held at some of my leaders' homes, which will also hopefully encourage their team members who don't regularly attend to be there. To further entice people to come out, at each meeting, we will start it out as a home party with a demonstrator on the team doing their full party demonstration. The demonstrators on my team are always looking for ideas for their parties & wanting to see how other demonstrators do their parties, so I'm hoping this will encourage them to come out to the meetings.