Extra Catalogs

We're coming up on a catalog transition time . . . out with one & in with a new one. I have a bunch of extra catalogs laying around & have wrapped up all my parties for the month since I am getting ready to head out of town. Thursday's weather looks like it will be great here, no rain & mild temperatures, so I'm going to take my extra catalogs & put them in Gold Canyon plastic bags, add a coupon for 15% off an order placed by the end of the month and a tealight sample, then I'm going to take a walk around the neighborhood & leave them at my neighbors' doors. Normally, I wouldn't spend money on this kind of advertising since it doesn't tend to give big results, but since the catalogs would just be going in the trash, I figured, "why not?". It will only cost me a little extra since I'm adding the tealight sample and won't take extra time from my day since I'll do it while I'm out for a walk that I would be going on anyway.


Mother's Day - Men's Event!

Here's a fun idea for Mother's Day sales:

My husband decided he wanted to do an open house for his friends this year for them to be able to purchase Mother's Day gifts from me for their wives. We figured there had to be something that would entice them to come, so my brilliant husband came up with a great idea!

He's going to do a Home Run Derby using the Wii. When they come to the open house, they'll each get a chance at the Home Run contest on the Wii. The person who gets the most home runs will get a $10 gift certificate to Quiznos.

I'll also have out some refreshments & will have some "packages" put together for them to choose from for their gift purchases to make it simple, quick & easy for them to do their shopping. Of course, free gift wrap is a must as well to make it as easy as possible for the guys.

I won't even have to be there. My husband will take care of everything since I'll be watching the kids upstairs!