Team Meetings

Debbie H. also asked "how do you handle your team meetings"? I thought this was a good question to pose here & would like to hear all the questions you may have about doing team meetings. Please post a comment to this article to let me know what questions you have & I would be happy to answer those questions in a future article.

Clarification on New Demonstrator Welcome Packets

Got an e-mail from Debbie H. asking for me to clarify some of the stuff that I include in my welcome packet (posted on 8/29/08)so I thought I would answer her question here. I won't give specific wording on the things that I send out because I really believe this kind of stuff should be done in your own words and according to what you find to be most important to include for your new team members. But I'll guide you the best that I can:

1. "Link to a website with training" -- I have done several conference calls in the past that are training for new demonstrators. Instead of having to repeat those calls every time a new demonstrator signs up, I record them & then have posted them on a website along with some basic documents that will help a new demonstrator to get started. I use www.freeconferencecall.com to do my conference calls.

2. A team message board is so important to building a sense of team & community with your demonstrators. I use www.myfamily.com which has a small fee attached (about $30/year, I think) that I believe is well worth it! I tried doing a yahoo group, but it just didn't work for us like the myfamily site does.

3. "2 page training packet" -- Imagine you are a brand new demonstrator, just getting started in your business. What is the most important information someone could share with you? Put this into a training packet but make sure it is short. If it goes longer than a couple of pages, most new demonstrators won't take the time to read it.

4. "Top 10 list of what to do/not to do when getting started" -- I don't have one of these yet, but I'm working on it. As I shared the welcome packet idea with the top leaders on my team, I asked for their feedback & this list is something they suggested we include in our welcome packets. I've polled my team & they've given me some great ideas of what to include on this list according to their experiences. I suggest you do the same or ask other demonstrators in your company, "if you could share one short piece of advice with a new demonstrator, what would it be?". Include your list of your Top 10 on a 1/2 sheet of colored cardstock so it is kind of like an easy reference guide for the new demonstrator. You could even laminate it.

Debbie & everyone else, I hope these help!


Great Example from a Home Party Rep

I recently attended a jewelry party with my mom & sister. The consultant was brand new to the business and I was impressed with a couple of things that she did, so I thought I'd share.

1. At the party, she did a couple of door prize drawings. I was one of the winners & I got to pick the prize that I wanted from a box of prizes that she had available. I thought that was a great idea because I got something that I really wanted.

2. When the consultant delivered some things to me that I had ordered, she noticed that I was wearing the earrings that I had won from the door prize drawing at the party. Even though, she just stopped by to drop things off, she actually noticed me. And not only did she notice, but she mentioned it & told me they looked great which re-affirmed my "good judgement" in the choice I had made. She left me feeling good about myself.


Free Training Resources

Have you discovered www.outwardimage.com yet? Julie Jones is a great trainer; I just love her stuff! Add yourself to her e-mail list & receive great tips for free as well as notifications for free teleconference calls. And if you sign up for the teleconference & can't listen live, you'll get a link for the recording . . . couldn't be any better than that!

Here's the link for her upcoming free training, "Become a Super Mom & a Super Consultant".


New Look!

Do you like the new look for the blog? I'm using www.thecutestblogontheblock.com for the background & LOVE it! Its pretty easy to use. Just go to the website, pick your favorite background, follow the directions to include it as an HTML "gadget" in the layout section of your blog (if you're using Blogger), and then edit the text colors so they appear as you want them to.

Most of all . . . HAVE FUN WITH IT!