Offer "Fun" Specials

A special offer is always great, but its even better when you add a little fun to it to really get people involved. One of the blogs I follow (of a professional organizer) did a contest in January. The person who got rid of the most "bags" of stuff from their house would win a free book. It generated lots of buzz on the blog and I'm sure it got the blog more readers as people talked about what they were doing.

Other ideas?
  • Have a "snow day special" on a day when its snowing and everyone is stuck inside - especially good if things are closed down enough that everyone is at home & can take your phone call letting them know about your special!
  • Offer special party themes or host gifts that are only available at this time of the year, but remember to make them fun! You might tell your prospects that you have 5 mystery gifts available for the first 5 people who book a party. If they book a party, they get to pick a bag number & that's the bonus gift they'll receive.
Get creative & keep it light & fun. You'll get more interaction & excitement from your customers this way!


Referral Programs

Are you looking for new customers? The best way to add them, in my opinion, is through the customers who already know & love your products . . . that's called a referral. But your current customers don't always think to pass along names to you or to give your contact information to someone who they rave about your product to.

My solution . . . come up with a referral program where you offer a benefit to both your current customer & the person they refer to you. I used vistaprint.com to print up business card coupons. You can either use a percentage off their first order or a flat dollar discount off their first order. Give these coupons to your current customers to pass out to their friends & family. And be sure to let the current customer know that when someone uses a coupon that they gave out, that you'll award them with a discount or dollar amount off of their next purchase.

By giving something to both parties (the original customer & their friend that they refer), the original customer is more likely to actually take some action. They will be happy to give a discount coupon to someone -- who doesn't like to share discounts with their friends? And they'll love the benefit of receiving a discount for themselves from you as a "thank you" for their referral.

So, start with your best customers who RAVE about your products . . . let them know about your new referral program & how they and their friends can benefit, give out your coupons (complete with your contact information, of course) and see what happens!


Celebrate "Business in Your Bathrobe" Day!

I love it! Check out this website to learn how you can celebrate "Business in Your Bathrobe" day!