Are you stuck?

The economy, job loss, its January . . . are these reasons piling up & leaving you "stuck" for getting business. People ARE STILL BUYING! Lots of people are still employed in steady jobs, lots of people are still in the same financial position they were before only now with lower gas prices. But many of us may feel "stuck". The key just might be to re-energize & refocus your efforts in your business.

If you sell a consumable product at a great price point that shows for a good value, you're in an especially great position!

So, start brainstorming & coming up with new ideas, new things to do with your business . . .

  • start a referral program
  • offer fun specials
  • do parties where no one is allowed to buy (to generate bookings & customer goodwill)
  • offer something of value at no cost to your customers
  • get involved with social media (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.)
  • dust off product that has been sitting on your shelves & give it away with an auction or bingo party
  • be creative, have fun, & let your personality show through with your marketing

For now, start brainstorming on these & see what you can come up with. In a few days, I'll post some more specific ideas. But you might be amazed what you can come up with yourself if your really think about it.


Information Junkie - Spend with Care!

Are you an "information junkie" like me? My favorite part of my home party business is getting new ideas as I read books & listen to teleconference calls! I have pages & pages of notes of things I want to do & I invest lots of money in new books & audio programs. If you're like me, then I hope my plan of action will help you as well:
  1. "Unsubscribe" to most of the e-newsletters that I currently subscribe to; keep only those that are most useful & then create an e-mail folder for "newsletters" that I can sort them into. Instead of having to read through them as I'm going through my e-mail on a daily basis, I can go back to them when I have a few minutes to work on continuing my "education".
  2. Before buying, listening to or reading any more materials, go through the ideas I already have written down & start implementing them. File additional ideas that I don't want to implement right now into folders or notebooks according to topic (sponsoring, bookings, parties, etc.).
  3. Use FREE resources first! Our local public library has lots of different books on subjects that relate to my home business. Try a search for things like: customer service, management, success in business, employee motivation (for leaders), home business. And look for authors like: Mary Kay Ash, Stephen Lundin, and Ken Blanchard. You can also find a lot of free teleconference recordings online.
  4. When you do buy, be wise in your spending. Only buy those things you will actually use and select items that will be the most helpful for areas that you currently need help with.
My current favorite resource to buy is one I'm reading now & I love it! It would be great for any new consultant or one who is looking to take their business to new levels & will help me in guiding my team members to do the same:

Makeup Optional by Lyn Conway


Free Taxes Conference Call

I am having Vicky Collins, a tax professional who deals strictly with
home based businesses, do a conference call for my team at the end of
the month. I wanted to open it up to everyone who reads this site who wants
to attend as well. It will be held on Thursday Jan 29th at 9pm,
eastern. Here's the call-in information & if you'd like to be on the
call, please e-mail me to let me know at kim.milius @goldcanyon.us

Phone number: 712-451-6000
Access code: 643231#