Having Fun Again

Do you or your team members ever reach a place where you grow tired of & are lacking the fun aspect of your business. I think its a personality thing. I have some team members who are always so energetic and always loving their business. But I know that I have personally struggled at times to find the "joy" -- but that is really something that has been part of my personality since I was young. I remember my mom talking to me and telling me that I needed to exercise & set some goals & she was right that those things always made a difference when I was feeling "down".

So, if you're feeling "down" in your business or need to help a team member get positive again, here's some ideas that I've come up with:

  • If its the success (or lack of) that is discouraging you, you might want to consider taking it to the next level and really putting a "working plan" into action. I really find that when I'm not having success I lose the motivation & when I do have success it motivates me even more & definitely makes my business more fun.
  • listening to or reading business/motivational materials every day
  • doing customer calls & hearing from the customers how much they're loving their loving their products
  • what have you had fun with in the past? Whatever it is, get back to doing more of it!
  • regular contact (in-person is best) with other demonstrators (like meetings!)
  • the way I feel about life in general - if life is exciting & fun, then business will be the same; if life is difficult & drudgery, then business tends to be that way as well -- goal setting & making time to exercise & read the scriptures every day keeps me on track on the "life" end of things so I can be excited about business as well
  • re-evaluate your goals & set an action plan for accomplishing them - a lot of times for me I get discouraged when I feel like I'm running around in circles & not accomplishing everything, by writing down my goals & reconfirming what I need to do to get there it gives me clarity & helps me to make sure that the things I'm doing will help me to progress . . . it gives my actions purpose!


What can music do for your business?

I had this thought this morning as I was working out to an aerobics video. In the middle of the workout, a new song starts playing and the "instructor" starts laughing (while working out) and shouts out, "Ooooh, this is my song!". It creates such energy & even for me doing the workout in my living room, I get an extra boost of energy & that's my favorite part of the workout.

So, I was thinking about how music can make a difference in life & in business. Here's a couple of thoughts:
  • I've heard that its smart to play some upbeat energizing music as you drive to your parties to help you arrive full of energy even if you've had a trying day at the office or at home before leaving for your party.
  • I was listening to a teleconference recording the other day & the speaker suggested that you pick a song that represents your vision for what you want your life to look like, thanks to what your business can do for you. Close your eyes, play that song & visualize the life you want & then play that song once every day and you'll subconsciously visualize your vision again -- even if the song is just playing in the background. Here's my vision song:

How do you use music in your business?


Could one "aha" moment change your business?

It did for me! I recently had the great opportunity of meeting with Carole Warga, a trainer with RI Training. We played the Residual Income game that they have available & I had a HUGE aha moment! I realized that I needed to spend time every day in personal development . . . listening to or reading training & inspirational materials. So, I started implementing this right away - after all, I have a ton of recordings saved to my computer from over the years that I've never listened to. I put some on my mp3 player & started listening to them as I take the kids out for a walk each day.

Adding this to my day as been transformational in my business! All of the discouragement I was feeling about it taking a while to get things up & running again after my move across the country has vanished. On top of that, business seems to be just magically appearing for me . . . I have my first home party in Colorado booked, I found a new customer (someone who actually came to me), and even got a fundraiser going back in Maryland; and that's all on top of the 3 catalog parties that were turned in to me this month (2 from Maryland and 1 from Arizona) that included several new customers!

If you haven't had an "aha" moment in your business lately, you could probably really use one to energize you & give your business a boost. You can look for those little moments in everything you do throughout the day, as you listen to motivational materials, or even while you search the internet for new ideas.

Please leave a comment & share an "aha" moment that you've had in your business!


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If you haven't done so yet, you can become a "fan" of my new facebook page for Home Party Concepts! I've found that during the day I have lots of "little" thoughts, things that might not make a whole blog post, but would be good for posting on facebook . . . so that's where the page comes in! Not to mention that I love interacting with others & with the facebook page I hope to get more ideas & interaction shared between fans of the page. Hope you'll join us; just use the facebook page logo on the right side of this page.

Use of Multi-Media in Your Business

Do you use any multi-media tools in your business? Inspired by ideas from my team members, I am doing all sorts of stuff lately; here's some ideas for you:

  • I did a "welcome" message video on youtube that I am sending out to all new team members in the welcome e-mail that I send them through constantcontact.com
  • This week, I'm putting together an "opportunity" video that my team members can use to share the business opportunity -- this will be especially helpful for demonstrators that are nervous about sharing or new team members who feel like they wouldn't know what to say.
  • I'm using whistletree.com to do my team conference calls now. The calls are saved to their website forever so that I have a link for each call. I've recorded 6 training sessions for new demonstrators that I've posted to a blog -- this way I can be assured that every new demonstrator on my team has access to training even if their sponsor doesn't step up & provide training. Even for those that are good about doing training, this will hopefully help save them time since I encourage the new team members to listen to one call a week & then check in with their sponsor to go over any questions. Instead of the sponsor having to do all of the training, they can just check in & answer questions.
  • I have plans to do a "mock" party in the next couple of weeks that we will video & make available to my team so they can see how I do a party & duplicate it as much as they feel like it will benefit them.
Did any of these ideas inspire you to think of something new you can do?
Do you use multi-media in any other ways?


Networking Events

Do you use networking events to further your business?

I never have before, but I recently moved across the country & needed a way to meet new people. There are lots of networking groups here in Colorado that I've found so far & I've learned a few things by attending. I've only attended women's groups so far as they seem less intimidating to me. I'm certainly not an expert, but thought I'd pass along the few things I've picked up along the way:

1. Be Memorable! Instead of taking just business cards, I carry little boxes that have a tealight sample in it along with my business card. It helps people stop & take notice of me. I even had one lady tell me she saw all these people with little boxes & so she was looking for the person who was handing them out.

2. Connect! Rather than just handing out your business card to 50 people, stop and connect with them. Have a real conversation & find a connection, something you have in common or that you can do to help each other.

3. Give! Always look for ways that you can help the other person in their business. Maybe your products or services can help or maybe you know someone you can refer them to or refer to them.

4. Realize that every person isn't going to be a golden contact for you. I figure if I can get one or two new contacts that I can really connect & plan on future business with then it was worth it to me.

5. Follow Up! Send an e-mail or make a phone call the next day. Find them on facebook, visit their website or subscribe to their newsletter. Connecting after the event is what is going to build your business, so spend some time cultivating your new relationships & find out how you can help each other.