Great Training Offer from Julie Ann Jones

I've already enrolled in this & wanted to pass it along in case anyone else was interested. $24.95 for a year long membership was just perfect for my budget! And the fact that it comes from Julie Ann Jones (Outward Image) made me jump at the offer. Here's the details:

If you're one of those dedicated, intentional direct sales professionals who never passes up an opportunity to improve your business, keep reading!

I have a program that WILL change your business in 2009!

Now, before you delete this e-mail, hear me out for a minute.

I'm sure many of you have joined "membership programs" in the past and been disappointed in either the content or your lack of involvement just because of the sheer volume of information you have to "sort" through each week for your business. You start with the best intention and each month, when you see the membership fee show up on your credit card, you feel guilty because you're not utilizing all the tools you're paying for.

That's why I've decided to do something unique and much more simple instead. Let me explain why.
(If you're impatient to read about the benefits of the program, you can "skip ahead" by scrolling down)

As a business person who works from home, you have a lot to do and time is a constant concern. My goal is always to offer you the greatest value in education while still supporting the balance in your life.

Last year, we launched an incredibly popular and successful program called "Ask the Expert". These monthly calls are offered f*ree of charge and only take an hour of your time once a month with experts and topics specifically relevant to our direct sales profession. Over the course of 2008, over 6,000 people took part in this program.

In April, I decided to offer a membership program just for the "Ask the Expert" calls and include automatic monthly enrollment in each call (decreasing the "hassle" factor for the members) as well as a downloadable recording of the calls sent automatically each month.

I loved Julie's call a few weeks back ("Ask Julie Anne Jones About Recruiting") and wanted to let you know that since the call, I have already recruited 2 new team members and have a bunch more leads that I am working with. Thanks to Julie's training, I realized I had lost my PASSION, the single most important skill that one needs to possess to be a remarkable recruiter! I have even added into my demo the words, " I am passionate".

Shelley Kiekhaefer
The Pampered Chef

Over 150 people took advantage of this program in 2008 and most of them have already re-enrolled for 2009! And they did that even before they knew I had decided to enhance this popular program and essentially make it our only membership program. That means I'm adding an incredible amount of value to the package.

Here's what that means for them (and for you if you decide to enroll); for a one-time fee (which covers the entire year) of only $24.95 (you read that right - that's for the year, NOT monthly!), you'll receive not only all of the "Ask The Expert" calls and replays, but also monthly bonus calls and tools available only to our "Ask the Expert" package members. The value for the individual components of this program is more than $500.00 (and counting since it will increase throughout the year as we add to the bonuses).

Just so you know, on January 1st, 2009, the yearly rate will increase to $39.95 for this valuable program.

Because of the value of this program, we're only offering 250 memberships at this special rate of $24.95. Once those are gone, this special offer of $24.95 will be closed. We've already filled over 100 of those spots with previous members and at the reduced price, the others are sure to sell out soon. Be sure you grab your membership before it's too late!

Click here to enroll now at our 2008 rate or $24.95!

Here's a sneak peak at what we're offering so far (we'll be adding to this list as the year goes on and the program develops)

* Automatic enrollment in every Expert call (we'll send you an e-mail with call in information and times and dates automatically)
* A downloadable recording of each call after the fact to burn to cd or play on your MP3 player (these recordings retail for $15.00 each)
* Several "bonus" calls throughout the year open only to our package members (including several open "Q&A" calls with me where we can talk about anything you want). You'll receive the downloadable files for these as well.
* A coupon good for 25% off any one of our audio learning programs
* Many more "goodies" throughout the year
* A 100% MONEY BACK guarantee. If at any point during the year you decide that this program isn't the value I promised it would be, I'll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked!

The gifts begin as soon as you enroll. I'm giving you two downloadable recordings I did this past year ("Booking Tools" and "Recruiting Tools") just for signing up.

I was on the "Ask The Expert" call today! Where HAVE you been all my direct sales life? What a difference! I've never really "gotten" the way they teach you to book, coach, etc., and your way with words makes PERFECT SENSE to me! I can see myself easily saying things the way you do.


Lorian Rivers
Dove Chocolate At Home

Our "Ask The Expert" calls for 2009 promise to be awesome. We've already booked some brand new experts (and a few favorites as well) and we're committed to bringing you training that you can use immediately to increase the results in your business and your life each and every month.

Best of all, you can renew at our 2008 rate of only $24.95 for the entire 2009 year of calls. Remember, the price for this package will increase to $39.95 on January 1st, 2009.

Becoming a member is easy! Simply click here to enroll in this valuable service for the entire 2009 season for only $24.95!


Please feel free to contact Business Manager Nancy Golya at nancy@outwardimage.com or 410-838-7305 if you have questions.


End of Year Reminders

Just a reminder for those who have been around awhile & some good info for those who are finishing their first year with their direct sales business. Here are some important things to do at the end of the year:

1. For tax purposes*, write down the ending mileage for your vehicle & add up the total numbers driven for business this year.
2. For tax purposes*, add up the total cost (what it cost you to buy it) of any items left in your "inventory".
3. For tax purposes*, gather together all your receipts from items you sold & items you purchased for your business this year.
4. If you have money left in your business account, this is a good time to give yourself a Christmas bonus or purchase items that you've been saving up for. I always start the new year with an account balance of $0 (or close to it) so that I get to start the new year fresh!*
5. Book your January parties . . . take advantage of the great deal of free shipping for parties held in the first 2 weeks of January! Customers & hosts are sure to LOVE it!
6. Look at your 2008 goals & determine where you fell short & what you accomplished. Celebrate your successes & come up with new strategies to help you achieve what you weren't able to.
7. Set new goals for 2009!

*Note: I am not an accountant & am not offering tax advice, just offering advice on things I do with my business. Contact a tax professional for advice on what you need to do for your specific business.


Team Meetings

Debbie H. also asked "how do you handle your team meetings"? I thought this was a good question to pose here & would like to hear all the questions you may have about doing team meetings. Please post a comment to this article to let me know what questions you have & I would be happy to answer those questions in a future article.

Clarification on New Demonstrator Welcome Packets

Got an e-mail from Debbie H. asking for me to clarify some of the stuff that I include in my welcome packet (posted on 8/29/08)so I thought I would answer her question here. I won't give specific wording on the things that I send out because I really believe this kind of stuff should be done in your own words and according to what you find to be most important to include for your new team members. But I'll guide you the best that I can:

1. "Link to a website with training" -- I have done several conference calls in the past that are training for new demonstrators. Instead of having to repeat those calls every time a new demonstrator signs up, I record them & then have posted them on a website along with some basic documents that will help a new demonstrator to get started. I use www.freeconferencecall.com to do my conference calls.

2. A team message board is so important to building a sense of team & community with your demonstrators. I use www.myfamily.com which has a small fee attached (about $30/year, I think) that I believe is well worth it! I tried doing a yahoo group, but it just didn't work for us like the myfamily site does.

3. "2 page training packet" -- Imagine you are a brand new demonstrator, just getting started in your business. What is the most important information someone could share with you? Put this into a training packet but make sure it is short. If it goes longer than a couple of pages, most new demonstrators won't take the time to read it.

4. "Top 10 list of what to do/not to do when getting started" -- I don't have one of these yet, but I'm working on it. As I shared the welcome packet idea with the top leaders on my team, I asked for their feedback & this list is something they suggested we include in our welcome packets. I've polled my team & they've given me some great ideas of what to include on this list according to their experiences. I suggest you do the same or ask other demonstrators in your company, "if you could share one short piece of advice with a new demonstrator, what would it be?". Include your list of your Top 10 on a 1/2 sheet of colored cardstock so it is kind of like an easy reference guide for the new demonstrator. You could even laminate it.

Debbie & everyone else, I hope these help!


Great Example from a Home Party Rep

I recently attended a jewelry party with my mom & sister. The consultant was brand new to the business and I was impressed with a couple of things that she did, so I thought I'd share.

1. At the party, she did a couple of door prize drawings. I was one of the winners & I got to pick the prize that I wanted from a box of prizes that she had available. I thought that was a great idea because I got something that I really wanted.

2. When the consultant delivered some things to me that I had ordered, she noticed that I was wearing the earrings that I had won from the door prize drawing at the party. Even though, she just stopped by to drop things off, she actually noticed me. And not only did she notice, but she mentioned it & told me they looked great which re-affirmed my "good judgement" in the choice I had made. She left me feeling good about myself.


Free Training Resources

Have you discovered www.outwardimage.com yet? Julie Jones is a great trainer; I just love her stuff! Add yourself to her e-mail list & receive great tips for free as well as notifications for free teleconference calls. And if you sign up for the teleconference & can't listen live, you'll get a link for the recording . . . couldn't be any better than that!

Here's the link for her upcoming free training, "Become a Super Mom & a Super Consultant".


New Look!

Do you like the new look for the blog? I'm using www.thecutestblogontheblock.com for the background & LOVE it! Its pretty easy to use. Just go to the website, pick your favorite background, follow the directions to include it as an HTML "gadget" in the layout section of your blog (if you're using Blogger), and then edit the text colors so they appear as you want them to.

Most of all . . . HAVE FUN WITH IT!


Using Blogs to Advance Your Business

Just some further notes on using a blog in your business. I did a call with my team on these details last night & thought I'd share the details here as well:

How a “business blog” can help your business
· Each new entry on your blog creates its own “page” that will come up in internet search engines. Blogging for your business will help you come up when people search for your product or service.
· Provide a service to your customers through your blog
· Create interest for current customers and possible new customers

How to set up a blog
· I recommend, www.blogger.com; its free & easy to use!
· Go to www.google.com & sign up for a free gmail e-mail account
· Go to www.blogger.com and use your gmail account to sign up for a blog

How to use your blog
· What kind of a service can you offer? Ideas for using your products, recipes (linked to your product), special deals on your product, testimonials from customers, your personal experiences with your product, decorating ideas with your product, pictures of your family with or related to your product, links to your online catalog, information about community events you’re involved in
· Your blog should be personal but still professional. Blogs are a type of online journal. Use your own voice & write the way you would talk to a friend. People should be able to get to know your personality through your blog posts. While showing your personality is great, still remember to keep it professional by avoiding language, topics, etc. that might be objectionable to your readers.
· If you already have or want to create a blog that is about yourself or your family, mention your business every now and then. Don’t make people feel like you are always pitching your product to them, but don’t be afraid to mention that you’re going to your national convention, that you did a home show over the weekend or other details of what is going on in your life with your business.·
· Post to your blog consistently . . . at least once a week. If there’s nothing new, people will stop looking. But if you consistently have new & valuable content for them, they’ll keep coming back for more. Keep a notebook handy that you can jot ideas for posts down as they come to you. Then, once or twice a week post those items to your blog.

FREE Extras
once you have started your blog, here’s some ideas of other things you can add to it:
· Free blog counter that increases in number each time your page is opened: www.easy-hit-counters.com
· Add a fun background to make your blog stand out: www.thecutestblogontheblock.com
· Allow people to sign up to receive update on your blog posts in the form of a newsletter when you post new items: www.feedblitz.com

Get the World Out
· Include your blog address on your e-mail signature
· Include your blog address on your facebook profile & when you first create it, announce it by posting a note
· Print up address labels that have your blog address & a little bit of details about what benefit your customers will get when they visit your blog and put those labels on the back of your business cards & on your catalogs


Using Facebook to Build Your Business

A few days ago, I posted about using Facebook for your business. I just wanted to share some further details for those who may have signed up for an account or were interested in more information & my one word of caution.

Caution: You can waste a lot of time on Facebook. My advice is to check your facebook each morning, responding to posts on your wall or messages in your inbox. Make it quick & move on with your day. Once a week, take a few minutes to send a personal message to 2 or 3 people on your "friends" list to "chatch up".

Why use Facebook?
· Connect with old friends who may not know about your business
· It’s fun!
· Realize that you’re doing some relationship building with this, instead of looking for immediate results.

How to use it in your business?
· The advertising here shouldn’t be something that makes it look like you’re only on facebook to get people to buy from you. In fact, it should be very subtle so that people don’t get tired of having you as their friend, feeling like you’re only selling to them.
· When you re-connect with an old friend, post on their “wall” to ask them what they’ve been up to for the past 10 years (or however long it’s been since you’ve seen them. They’ll respond & will also ask what you’ve been up to. In your reply make sure to mention that you are a demonstrator for ____. Don’t try to sell or push them, just mention it. If they ever have a need for your company, they’ll know who to come to!
· On your facebook profile, be sure to include your web address. You can also choose other parts of your profile to add a little sprinkle of your business interests to.
· When you’re having a special event, create an invitation for the event on your facebook. Only do this a maximum of 2 or 3 times a year, once again, so people don’t get feeling like you’re trying to sell to them.

Getting Started:
· Go to www.facebook.com and sign up for a free facebook account, filling in your contact information & being careful not to include anything you don’t want people to have access to (I don’t include my phone number or full address – just city & state)
· Start looking for “friends”. Where to start? People in your e-mail address book; friends from high school, college, or past co-workers; family members; etc. Look for me!
· Post photos of your family; people love to look at those & it will draw them to your page!


Favorite Resources

I LOVE learning new things & hearing new ideas for my business. I thought I'd pass along 2 great ones to you today.

I've added 2 links to the right side of this blog for free offers from these 2 resources, Laura Worachek (Home Party Profit Software) and Carrie Wilkerson (The Barefoot Executive).

If you sign up for free use of Laura's software program that helps you keep a clear schedule, you'll also get access to 4 free recordings on getting bookings that I thought were AWESOME!

Carrie Wilkerson has a great e-newsletter and free video trainings that are really great!

Enjoy learning from these 2 great trainers & let me know what you think of them.


Giving Your Best to Your Customers

I enjoyed reading this article on another blog & thought it would be of benefit to others as well. Enjoy! http://www.passionforbusiness.com/blog/giving-your-best-to-your-customers/#comment-246

Get to Know Your Customers

I have quite a few names on my customer list that I can recall specific information about the customer & I tell you that it is so much easier to offer good customer service to people that you feel like you know. Its not as intimidating making follow up calls or asking if they want to book a show or place an order because there are other things that you can talk about & not seem like you're just looking for money from them.

In order to get to know some of my other customers better & get updates on the ones I already know, I put together a Get to Know You questionaire that I'll be sending out to my customers. Those who answer & return it to me will be included in a drawing for $50 in products. Here's the questionaire that I'll be sending out:

What is your birthday?
What’s your favorite color?
How do you spend your day?
What are your favorite Gold Canyon fragrances &/or products?
What states & countries have you lived in?
Are you married?
Do you have children? How many & ages?
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
What talents do you have?
Do you have your own business that I can promote to my contacts? If so, give me some details!

Keep in mind that a lot of these questions are ones that I'll be able to use as I do business with them.
Birthday: send out birthday e-cards just to let them know you're thinking about them

Color: customize cards, host gifts, etc. in the color that they love

How you psend your day: know when is a good time to call, what they're work/home circumstances are like

Favorite Products: call when there are specific offers for their favorite products; offer their favorites as a booking bonus

Do you have your own business: helps us to network together & shows you have an interest in helping them, not just yourself


Free Resource List

There are so many free resources available for training for our profession out there on the internet! I've started putting together a list of the ones that I know about that will be given out to people who subscribe to my blog updates . . . and, of course, anyone who is already subscribed will get a copy too. It may take some time because I want to go through the resources and make sure they're applicable before recommending them. If you know of any free resources that you'd like to recommend to be added to this list, please let me know!

Connecting with Facebook

Okay, so I'm a little taken right now with the technology side of advertising. There are so many great ways out there to advertise your business for free on the internet. They may not work as well as face-to-face interactions, but even if you can get some response, I would think it would be worth it to give them a try.

So . . . are you on Facebook? I thought it was something just for teenagers and college kids but then got intrigued when my college age sister was showing me how it works. I decided to go ahead and play around with it even though I thought I would be the oldest one on facebook -- and I'm only 32! I quickly found out that wasn't the case & in just a couple of months have managed to connect with a lot of old friends that I haven't had contact with in years.

During this time, I've connected with someone who had wanted to purchase from me, but moved away shortly thereafter & I didn't have her new contact information -- she's already placed an order with me. I've also connected with an old friend from high school who said she had been looking for a new consultant for my company since she has moved to where she doesn't know any consultants and her old one had quit; she said she was thrilled to find me & would be sure to place her orders through me from now on.

Right now, I just consider that I'm planting seeds. The more people I connect with who find out what I do, the better the chance that they will think of me the next time they need something from my company. I think this has been a much better way to go about it than tracking old friends down and hounding them for business.

Not only that, but its been fun to catch up with old friends! Join facebook today! And you're welcome to add me as a friend!

Stand Out with Little Extra Touches

I went out to lunch today to a place I had never been before. The mexican food was very good, but I wouldn't say it was better than any of the other places I like. HOWEVER, on the way out, we grabbed a mint for the road; it was different than any other restaurant mint I've ever seen . . . half green & half white. Intrigued, I unwrapped it & popped it in my mouth. It tasted like key lime pie and was the best restaurant mint I've ever had. This simple little candy had me thinking, "I have to go back there again!"

So, it got me thinking. . . Do I do any small little extras that make me stand out from the crowd of consultants that my customers can be buying from? Some ideas might include: offering free gift wrap, making sure customers know I have product on hand for last minute gift purchases, sending out a thank you card after someone makes a purchase, following up with a phone call after the customers order arrives to make sure they are happy with it. These are just a few ideas . . . do you have any to share?


Advertise with a Blog

One great way to advertise your business is with a blog. Providers like the one I use (blogspot.com) are free & easy to use. A Stampin' Up demonstrator that I know has been using one for a while & I get periodic updates from the blog to show me what she's posted that's new. She posts pictures of projects that she makes with her products, which shows off the products & makes you want to buy!

I've recently started a blog for my direct sales business as well & will be posting things that have to do with the company, ways to use the products, tips, etc. Using http://www.blitzfeed.com/, a weekly blog update will be sent to all subscribers (which is what I use for this site as well), so that my e-mail goes to those true fans of the products. No matter what your business is, there's probably some kind of useful tips that you could share through a blog, such as: decorating tips, recipes, project ideas, health tips, display ideas, etc.


Did you lose your horse?

This is the title of an article that I read today from a blog I subscribe to. Its one I enjoy and thought the message was a good one to pass along: http://48daysblog.wordpress.com/

Vista Print -- FREE business supplies!

Vista Print is one of my favorite resources to recommend! They have great deals going on ALL the time where they'll offer you things for FREE & at deep discounts. Some of my favorite things that I've gotten to promote my business include: free business cards, free thank you cards, free t-shirts, free address labels, free stamps, and free business card magnets!

If you haven't checked them out before, give them a try. They do beautiful work!


Custom Calendar for direct sales

I've tried so hard to find a calendar that would help me stay better organized & have finally decided to create my own! At this point, its just a simple excel spreadsheet that should print 2 calendar pages per piece of paper but I'd love to expand it into more. If you'd like to try out what I have so far & give some feedback on what works & what doesn't work, let me know. I'll e-mail you the file & you can give it a try!

Just e-mail me at kim@candlepartyconcepts.com with a subject of: I'll try out the calendar (or something like that!)


Using "Evites"

Evites are a great way to get in touch with people to let them know about events & to keep an rsvp tally all in one spot. They may even be a good way for your host to invite her friends to her party, but in order for your evite to be most effective, I recommend:

1. Make a phone call reminder the day before the party to remind all those who rsvp'd with a "yes" or "maybe".

2. Be sure to call all those who either didn't open the evite or didn't rsvp; either they never saw the e-mail or have forgotten to respond & need a reminder!

3. Call all those who respond with a "no" or don't show up after responding "yes" or "maybe" to see if they would like to order, even though they weren't able to attend.

Without good follow up calls, it is so easy for people to fall through the cracks with an evite, since many people don't even open their e-mail on a regular basis or may not have received the e-mail.


Welcome Packets for New Team Members

Each morning, I check my team "stats" on our consultant website to see if any new team members were added to our team the previous day. I send out the following for new team members:
  • a welcome e-mail (with link to a website with some training) - I cc the sponsoring demonstrator on this e-mail so she knows what I've sent out
  • e-mail invitation to join our team message board
  • evite to our upcoming team meeting
  • a "welcome packet" (sent by "snail mail")

For my welcome packets, I use a regular paper folder and include:
  • 2 sheets of stickers from www.thebooster.com, one sheet of booking stickers & one sheet of sponsoring stickers
  • a 2 page training packet
  • a 3 page packet "about our team" that talks about our current team goals, what incentives we do as a team, places to get training, and a calendar of our team meetings for the entire year
  • "genealogy chart", a list of their upline, all the way up to me & our contact information
  • a "top 10" list of what to do/not to do when getting started
Our company's consultant website shows my team, 5 levels deep, so that is what I work with, sending all welcome information listed above to all new team members 5 levels deep.


Olympic Teams

So, one more thought from the Olympics! There is so much to relate to our direct sales teams!

The US men's gymnastic team suffered a devastating loss as 2 of their major stars were injured and could not compete. The team had to bring in 2 alternates and was not expected to medal at all. But the team started and had some great routines and with each great routine, the team's momentum and excitement grew and they continued to perform much better than expected. Unfortunately, it worked the same way later on as there were some big mistakes made and then it seemed like momentum drug them in the opposite direction with more mistakes and lowered spirits and expectations. In the end, the momentum at the beginning was enough to make up for the mistakes at the end and the team won the Silver medal!

I think it works the same way for our direct sales teams. As we succeed together, we gain momentum and excitement and working as a team makes that momentum and excitement so much more than working alone. As we set goals for our teams to reach, its important to set goals that, while stretching ourselves, are still achieveable so that the team will gain positive momentum from their successes!

Working as a Team

Wow! I had the chance to see the Men's 4x100 freestyle relay swimming race last Sunday. I had been watching the swimming races and they were exciting to watch, with the winners pumping their arms and being excited after winning. But it was nothing like the excitement of seeing a TEAM win TOGETHER! As the teammates watched the race from the side of the pool they were yelling and cheering, full of excitement and when the US team won, they were hugging each other and jumping up and down with so much excitement that you couldn't help being thrilled just watching them.

If you got a chance to see this race (or if you can search it out and find a replay of it online), I would encourage you to close your eyes and replay it in your mind and then imagine your team doing the same thing. What a wonderful feeling we could create in our teams!

Each swimmer of the relay had to do their part alone, but they were part of a bigger picture, working together towards a team win and the whole team cheering each person to success. Our direct sales teams should be the same way. We should be so excited for each other as each individual strives for their own success and also looking forward to succeeding as a team.

Learning Together

We just had a great company convention! They keynote speakers were great: Karen Phelps (www.karenphelps.com) and Cynthia Kersey (www.unstoppable.net). By the way, I found Cynthia Kersey's "Unstoppable Women Challenge" several months ago & have seen phenomenal results in my life this year as I've put it to work for me, setting 30 day goals & doing just one thing a day toward that goal. My house & life are more organized than ever before, I made some great advancements in my business & am now working & succeeding at losing my pregnancy weight & then some!

But I was also reminded about the great things that we can get from other consultants. Whether they're from your own company or other companies, make sure you regularly network with consultants in the direct sales business. Share your ideas with each other, learn from each other, and help to motivate & inspire each other. Of course, team meetings are a great place to do this as well!


Thoughts on "teams"

I'm busy getting ready for our company convention this week. I've been asked to help conduct a workshop on team goals & am gathering lots of thoughts that I will be posting next week! If you have questions on working with a team, please post a comment & I'll try to answer those as well. Working with my team has been my main focus for the last year & a half (at least!) and I've learned a lot!


Company Conventions

I believe attending annual company conventions is an important part of the direct sales business for anyone who wants to excel in their business. A lot of these conventions are held during the summer time.

If you have already attended or are getting ready to attend your company convention . . . congratulations on taking this great step! Make the most of your convention experience by taking some time to go over your notes & determine how you'll put the new ideas you came away with into practice.

If you weren't able to attend your company convention this year, make plans to attend next year. Start saving now & working with your family calendar so you can make sure you get there . . . you won't regret it!


Reward Referrals

I recently got a $20 gift certificate in the mail as a "thank you" for referrals that I have sent to a company that I do business with. Wow, was I surprised, thrilled, and impressed! Occasionally sending out a small thank you gift & card to a good customer who refers her friends to you is such a great idea & will keep the referrals coming! Even the smallest of gifts can make a difference.

If you have any great ideas of inexpensive gifts that can be given or are willing to share what you do, please leave a comment to this post!

Favorite Resource

Just thought I'd share one of my favorite resources. I love the daily tips that I receive in my e-mail from http://www.thesuccessfactory.com/. Some very practical ideas that can be put into motion in my business & tips that I can pass on to my team. If you haven't visited their website, I'd suggest a trip there. They have some good training products, but you'll for sure want to sign up for their free e-newsletter!


Dose of Inspiration!

One of my favorite sources of great inspiration for life & business is http://www.simpletruths.com/.

They have amazing books with great life lessons, most of which are perfect for business & working with a team. But they also put out free short movies with some of their books. Here's the one I got from them today . . . I think you'll like it!


Exercise Your Business!

Do you have a morning exercise routine in your schedule? For the last 2 weeks, I've gotten a new routine as I'm going to the local high school track to workout each morning. Here's some business benefits I'm seeing:

1. I get up at 5am and am home by 6:30, which gives me an hour & a half to get some work done before my baby wakes up! By getting an early start & starting my day out with exercise, it also makes me more productive for the rest of the day.

2. I wear t-shirts from past years' company conventions to work out in. Today, someone stopped me and said, "I've been wondering what 'Convention' your shirts are from?" which opened a business conversation for me with someone new!

3. Today, I took along an mp3 player with some business educational & inspirational recordings. I'm starting my day out thinking about my business, the creative juices are flowing, and it helped my workout time go by a lot faster. This is the ultimate in multi-tasking! Your body gets the benefits of exercise & while you work your business!

Start an exercise routine today & see what it can do for your business!


Stock Up On School Supplies

This is a great time of year to stock up on those things that you use most in your business. Folders, pens, notebooks & more are on sale as kids are going back to school. Stocking up now on the things you'll use in your business during the next year will save you loads of money!

Lapboard Tip:
Purchase inexpensive 3 ring binders, cut the ring section off & you'll be left with 2 "lapboards". Lapboards are sturdier than folders for use at your home parties, they don't have to be replaced very often & you're more likely to get them back at the end of a party instead of having guests walk off with them. In the long run, making your own, inexpensive lapboards now will save you money over buying & replacing folders.