Booking Parties

Are you short on booked parties or maybe you've moved & are starting all over like me? The first step is to know how many parties you WANT to have booked each month. Then, if you aren't booked on those days . . .

I've heard training that says to spend the time you would've spent at a party being on the phone trying to get parties. That's all well & good IF you have people on your list to call. But what if you don't know enough people (you've already called all of them) or you're new to an area & don't know anyone there. I could spend the time booking catalog parties with my family, friends & customers in other areas, but that certainly wouldn't help me grow my business here.

So, this is what I've decided to do & I have been loving it! My goal is to do 1 party/in-person event each week. Until I get to that point, in each week that I don't have something scheduled, I will go to a networking event of some kind. Something where I can meet other people. Not only am I getting the chance to grow my business, but I am enriching my life by meeting new people & building friendships & business building relationships where we can help each other. I highly recommend this to anyone that is struggling with getting parties.

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  1. Great idea!! I'm relatively new to the area in which I live so I know exactly what you're going though and the only thing that has got me through is networking, networking, networking!