My Business Retreat

My company's home office is doing a "tour" - making several stops around the country to do big training meetings. There isn't one close to me this time; the closest is an 8 hour drive. I hate to miss corporate sponsored events, in fact, I never have missed one! Even when I was on bedrest during a pregnancy I managed to find a way to be there. But I had to debate long & hard about this one.

With the support of my sweet husband who said I should go and is taking time off work to stay home with the kids, I decided to make the drive. I'll drive over the day of the meeting & go to the meeting that evening. But the part I'm most excited about is that I'll stay overnight which will give me some time after the meeting to have my own little "mini retreat" before returning to the chaos of my life at home with 2 little kids! It just seems like I don't ever have an extended period of time to just think with a clear head, so I am really looking forward to it & will make the most of it by using that time to really focus on my business & get a plan ready to put into action!

I actually should do this on a regular basis, even if its just escaping to Panera Bread for the evening to do some goal setting. Do you ever get the chance to do a mini or BIG business retreat?

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