Having Fun Again

Do you or your team members ever reach a place where you grow tired of & are lacking the fun aspect of your business. I think its a personality thing. I have some team members who are always so energetic and always loving their business. But I know that I have personally struggled at times to find the "joy" -- but that is really something that has been part of my personality since I was young. I remember my mom talking to me and telling me that I needed to exercise & set some goals & she was right that those things always made a difference when I was feeling "down".

So, if you're feeling "down" in your business or need to help a team member get positive again, here's some ideas that I've come up with:

  • If its the success (or lack of) that is discouraging you, you might want to consider taking it to the next level and really putting a "working plan" into action. I really find that when I'm not having success I lose the motivation & when I do have success it motivates me even more & definitely makes my business more fun.
  • listening to or reading business/motivational materials every day
  • doing customer calls & hearing from the customers how much they're loving their loving their products
  • what have you had fun with in the past? Whatever it is, get back to doing more of it!
  • regular contact (in-person is best) with other demonstrators (like meetings!)
  • the way I feel about life in general - if life is exciting & fun, then business will be the same; if life is difficult & drudgery, then business tends to be that way as well -- goal setting & making time to exercise & read the scriptures every day keeps me on track on the "life" end of things so I can be excited about business as well
  • re-evaluate your goals & set an action plan for accomplishing them - a lot of times for me I get discouraged when I feel like I'm running around in circles & not accomplishing everything, by writing down my goals & reconfirming what I need to do to get there it gives me clarity & helps me to make sure that the things I'm doing will help me to progress . . . it gives my actions purpose!

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