What can music do for your business?

I had this thought this morning as I was working out to an aerobics video. In the middle of the workout, a new song starts playing and the "instructor" starts laughing (while working out) and shouts out, "Ooooh, this is my song!". It creates such energy & even for me doing the workout in my living room, I get an extra boost of energy & that's my favorite part of the workout.

So, I was thinking about how music can make a difference in life & in business. Here's a couple of thoughts:
  • I've heard that its smart to play some upbeat energizing music as you drive to your parties to help you arrive full of energy even if you've had a trying day at the office or at home before leaving for your party.
  • I was listening to a teleconference recording the other day & the speaker suggested that you pick a song that represents your vision for what you want your life to look like, thanks to what your business can do for you. Close your eyes, play that song & visualize the life you want & then play that song once every day and you'll subconsciously visualize your vision again -- even if the song is just playing in the background. Here's my vision song:

How do you use music in your business?

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